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Make more money with your own site.

Following an introduction of how you can make money by recruiting members and can get a substantial discount in the online store cube7.com and get some extra money.

Become a partner of Cube7 This is an interesting investment with little risk but an high efficiency. Interesting for everyone who would like to see something change in his financial situation at the moment, or a little security for the future …. On Cube7 it is feasible to make savings. I will try to explain but i would say watch the presentation of Cube7! I viewed the video 3 times before I understood it a bit… but I try briefly explain what it is and how it works…

Make more money with your own site.

  It is important to know that there is a very good chance that you get some nice earnings from therefrom (€ 1,000 – € 2,000 and with great success as Facebook or something much more but I am not going into the start-up phase a bit from) and that you can join for just as little as € 30,-. Then you are a Basic partner and gives you commission of the internet platform from next year. (On the bottom of the page is a calculation how that goes/earns). This is based on premium partner, so for example VIP 4 times. Ook partner worden bij Cube7 You may also invest more but it seems to me there is a little risk for 30 euro…. (For 330 euro you also get ‘shares’) So far Cube7 and Bonofa are super reliable and they really do everything they promise, pay off nicely en so on. You payment is your risk!! In other words… 30 euros (or more as you wish) Being an entrepreneur is recommended to at least Exclusive or VIP. (Keeping technically it is just an investment!) but that is showing on the film. Of course you have to do something for Cube7 and Bonofa… But that doesn’t seems much of a problem … only many people initially respond for fear of scams… But then again so far Cube7 and Bonofa are very reliable and yeah what is a scam for 30 euro… And it is quite simple if you decide to get a account there is actually a good chance that something will change in your financial situation!! And if you do not basically nothing will change for you!! What should you do: create word of mouth actually what I do to you (thats the rason you should remember the names Cube7 and Bonofa well)! The calculations assume that you have put in over time to build for the commission… That’s a good network at least three active partners among. Not really too much asked right? Do you know some entrepreneurs? Then it is quite interesting because you can also go for a higher package and then you buy shares! In the movie, the advantages of the different packages put apart. Go for more active partners then you just multiply your income…

Make more money with your own site.

Why I’m telling you this is because Cube7 is pretty quickly coming online! Only a hand full of people know this a that is only by second hand… Like i tell you now… That means that there is still a huge market to free users… Users who can just register for free (like Facebook) as these people register with a link from you, you get payed! Bonofa is your network, and Cube7 users can subscribe for free and for nothing… Simply get and send a link that you receive and put it on your Facebook and post it to all your friends on Facebook. If you invite people for www.cube7.nl…. You get vouchers for it, which you can use on the shop Cube7!

Well enough rumored! Bonofa and Cube7 comes out neatly what they promise, payouts and so on.! If you want you can register by clicking the button below. Ook partner worden After registration you get yourself a link that you can send to friends and acquaintances! You will also receive a link so that you can give to your friends/family. All the texts and film you can simply send it forward to others that you think they like it!
It’s simple nothing ventured nothing gained!!

Beneath you can see how the formula works:
A consumer buys for € 50,- on Cube7 (for example jeans).
Say that € 4.50 is for Bonofa/Cube7 (as compensation for advertising and an additional channel for retail purchase on the Internet).
Then 80% of this amount get separated between six partners, this is € 3.60: 6 = € 0.60.
If the partner is a VIP he receives 100% = € 0.60, when he is an Exclusive 50% = € 0.30 and when he is Premium 25% = € 0.15. A Basic partner gets 0.075 cents
A partner network is constructed of (5 +25 +125 +625 onwards) and has stated further linked quite a few consumers.
Suppose you have 100 partners in your network (5 + 25 + 70, so that’s just a 3rd line) and these partners have 50 free user using the free vouchers linked and all 50 have themselves also linked 10 friends. Then your network at that time 100×500 = 50000 persons. So put your link or FB is a strong recommendation!!!
Then the earnings per partner level is:
(30 euro registration) Basic 0.075 X 50000 = 3750 euro
(330 euros) Premium 0.15 x50000 = 7500 euro
(1000 euro) 0.30 Exclusive x 50000 = 15000 euro
(2500) VIP 0.60 x 50000 = 30000 euro
Is this real? Yes definitely, and it’s real self that this is a monthly fee. In addition, 100 partners in your network is very low if you get up and you can probably still multiply many times.
If Basic Partner you will receive 2.5% of your first line (premium / exclusive / VIP) and 1% of line 2 thru 6.
The rest of the parters received 10% in the first line, 5% 2nd and 3rd line and then 1%.
For more information you can call with: +31 (0) 6 53 83 06 47.

Ook partner worden